Portland, Oregon

Freelance experiential  design specialist.


What I do

Concepting + Ideation
Consumer Experience + Space Planning
Creative + Art Direction
Environmental Graphics
Custom 3D Elements
Interior Design
Rendering + Visualization
Construction Documentation
Production + Installation Oversight

Design Process

I collaborate with teams of designers, writers, strategists, producers, and project managers to bring design projects to life.From initial concepting through production and installation, I drive creative forward with an eye towards creating memorable, interactive, and forward-thinking experiences. 

Visualization and Production

Creative aside, I love the technical side of design. I often advise on fabrication techniques and have extensive experience with 3D rendering, pricing sets, construction documentation, and fabrication planning. My process always maintains a balance between creative exploration and production requirements. 


Environmental design has been my focus during my 15+ years of working in design.  I started my career doing exhibit design, then moved into environmental and interior design, launched an interior architecture company, and have worked as a graphic designer, environmental designer, Art Director, and ACD. My attention now is working as an environmental design specialist for brands and agencies.

As a truly multidisciplinary creative, I’ve also worked in video and motion graphics, social and influencer campaigns, branding and identity systems, a variety of graphic design projects, interior design, and some theater set design thrown in the mix. 

Side projects

I stay pretty damn busy outside of work. I’m a maker at heart and love creating. some recent projects have included creating environments based on sci fi novels I’ve read, designing and building out a camper van, making clay characters, home renovation work, painting and drawing here and there, and making strange music on my drum machine. Stayin busy.


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